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Should You Ceramic Coat A New Car

Should You Ceramic Coat A New Car

There are different ways to protect your car from environmental damage. People often ask if should you ceramic coat a new car. A ceramic coating provides long-lasting protection when applied by a professional luxury detailing shop.

It is a good idea to apply the coating when the vehicle is new. However, there are other options to consider before making an appointment. We will help you with that.

Benefits of Ceramic Coating on New Cars

A ceramic coating improves paint protection to the maximum. This coating uses nanotechnology to fill surface imperfections. New cars may have imperfect paint finishes. Imperfections can be fixed by polishing.

Nanoparticles smooth out surfaces and fill in dips and ridges. Additional ceramic coats increase protection against scratches and harmful elements.

Ceramic coatings for new cars deliver a lot of benefits, including:

Helps to repel mud, rain, and dirt

When you have a professional ceramic coating installer apply the nano-ceramic coating when the car is new and any existing factory paint sealant is removed, it will help improve protection against mud, rain, and dirt.

The reason for this is that the coat creates a flat, hard protective layer with hydrophobic properties once it has cured. This super slippery surface reduces the chances of bird droppings, tree sap, pollen, and other materials sticking to it.

Protection against oxidation, corrosion, and rust

Your new car is at risk of damage from UVA and UVB rays, despite its newness. With continuous exposure to these ultraviolet rays, the clear coat will eventually break down over time.

The ceramic coat is so strong that it blocks UV rays from touching the clear coat, which eliminates the potential for corrosion and the development of rust on the vehicle’s exterior.

Enhanced shine and paint depth

A common misconception about a car ceramic coating is that it makes the paint glossy. That’s not entirely accurate.

If your paint has a glossy finish, the applied coating will increase the depth and richness of that glossy paint. On the reverse, if the paint has a matte finish, it will make the matte stand out, without producing a gloss effect.

Plus – installing a professional ceramic coating can improve your car’s resale value.

KEY TIP #1: Have your car coated as soon as possible after purchasing from the dealership, as you’ll require less paint correction or prep work – which can save you money and time.

Different Types of Ceramic Coating for Cars

Ceramic spray coating

The first category is easier to apply and is the cheapest, but it offers the worst protection. This is your range of spray-on ceramic coatings or ceramic wax products.

There are several different formulations, with some infused with polymers, and others using Teflon or silicon dioxide (SiO2). They are usually very hydrophobic but do not cure exceptionally hard, and as such, only last for about three months.

DIY nanocoatings

The fastest-growing ceramic coating is the DIY nanocoatings. Consumer-grade ceramic coatings are diluted versions of professional-grade coatings, making them easier to apply. They are sold as a kit with everything needed for installation.

Do Ceramic Coats Void Manufacturer’s Warranty?

A pro-grade nanoceramic coating won’t void your car warranty. This is especially true if it’s backed by a reliable company like Carfax.

The result of trying DIY ceramic coating is uncertain. There are many ways to damage it, like applying too much or leaving it on for too long. To avoid any issues, it’s best to have a professional install a high-quality ceramic coating on your new vehicle.

Which transitions nicely to our second TIP.

KEY TIP #2: If you have a matte finish or custom paint job, always consider paint protection options. For a matte finish, use a nanoceramic coating or clear bra. Minor scratches on the matte finish cannot be removed.

Consider Extra Paint Protection Options

Nanocoating is not bulletproofed but can protect paint. Paint damage can still occur from rocks and debris. Add a paint protection film to protect your car. PPF enhances your vehicle’s finish but can be expensive to install on the entire vehicle.

Should you ceramic your new car? Definitely yes! Contact CoaterZ today for a free quotation. We offer the best ceramic coating in Dunedin. Call us today if you have questions!

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