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Ceramic window tint, high-performance window tint and dyed tint

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Discover the ultimate auto window tinting experience in Palm Harbor. 

Expert Auto Window Tint Installer in Palm Harbor

Discover the ultimate auto window tinting experience in Tampa Bay. Our skilled team excels in delivering top-quality window tinting services for vehicles. With advanced techniques and premium materials, we enhance your car’s aesthetics while providing increased privacy, heat reduction, glare prevention, and protection against harmful UV rays. Elevate your driving experience with our expert auto window tinting solutions.

CoaterZ’s window tinting materials are genuinely remarkable. Our innovative technologies are designed to combat the negative consequences of sun exposure, such as an overworked air conditioning system, scorching hot surfaces, irritating glare, and harmful UV ray penetration.​

Benefits Of Ceramic Window Tint For Cars

Advanced Cooling Technology

It provides excellent UV protection and blocks up to 80% of infrared light. Tinted windows reduce the interior temperature, even in hot conditions, saving energy and money. With reduced reliance on air conditioning, your car stays comfortable while putting less strain on the engine and consuming less fuel.

UV protection

Untinted windows offer limited protection against UVA and UVB rays, leaving your car vulnerable to harmful sunlight. Prolonged exposure to UV rays can cause severe eye and skin damage, including cataracts, macular degeneration, and melanoma. Ceramic window tint provides a solution by preserving your car’s interior and protecting your well-being. Up to 99% UV ray blockage reduces the risk of long-term eye and skin damage.

Less glare

Reducing light intensity minimizes eye strain and the risk of accidents caused by impaired visibility. With only 50% of light entering your vehicle, ceramic tint ensures enhanced road safety, allowing for clear visibility day and night without compromising your well-being.

Added privacy

Ceramic window tint eliminates electronic signal interference, allowing you to enjoy uninterrupted radio and phone calls while driving. Say goodbye to static and dropped calls, and confidently stay connected on the road.

Quality and durability

Investing in a quality installation of ceramic window tint is worth the cost. It offers long-lasting scratch-resistance when applied to the windshield and windows, making it a worthwhile investment for years.

Warranty coverage

All of our window films come with a manufacturer’s limited warranty.

Window Tint Options

Ceramic Tint

Ceramic tint or also refers as ceramic film is made with nonconductive ceramic particles, blocks up to 67% of infrared (IR) heat, significantly reducing heat buildup inside the vehicle. It comes with a lifetime warranty as long as the tint is within legal limits, offering superior heat rejection and color stability without turning purple. This type of film provides effective UV protection, protecting the vehicle’s interior and occupants, and does not interfere with electronic signals. Although more expensive than dyed film, ceramic film is ideal for those seeking a balance between performance and cost, focusing on heat rejection and durability.

High-performance Tint

High-performance tint or also refers as high-performance film elevates the benefits of ceramic film, blocking up to 91% of IR heat for exceptional heat rejection, thus improving comfort and reducing the need for air conditioning. Like ceramic film, it comes with a lifetime warranty, provided the tint is legally compliant. It offers the highest level of heat rejection, maintains clarity and color stability without fading or turning purple, and shares all the benefits of ceramic film but with enhanced heat rejection capabilities. While typically the most expensive option, high-performance film is suited for individuals seeking the ultimate in window tinting performance, especially in terms of heat rejection, without compromising durability or experiencing signal interference.

Dyed Tint

Dyed tint or also refers as dyed film is the most cost-effective option, designed for those who prioritize appearance over performance. It’s made by applying a layer of dye between the adhesive layer and the protective top coating, primarily absorbing solar heat. However, it offers the lowest heat rejection capabilities and is prone to fading and turning purple over time, which reduces its effectiveness and aesthetic appeal. Its durability and lifespan are also limited compared to other types of tints. Dyed film is ideal for individuals looking for an affordable tinting solution without a significant concern for heat rejection or long-term durability.

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What Our Clients Say

“What a great experience to have my Bronco wrapped! The staff was very helpful and attentive all the way through the design process and beyond.”

–  Marc Aniol

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Caden Cornett
Caden Cornett
Great work! Meet the owner and employees, they walked me through the process in depth. My car looks the best it ever has with the ceramic coat. Will be back for other car detailing services. Highly Recommend!
David Wallace
David Wallace
Corey and the team at CoaterZ are fantastic! I have entrusted them with all of my vehicles. Corey and his team are knowledgeable, professional, and trustworthy, and I have never had a problem with their work. 10/10 I would recommend them for anything in the automotive or boating world.
Dave Parker
Dave Parker
Corey, Piper and team did an amazing job restoring a 5 year old truck. It looks brand new. Excellent work, excellent people. I mostly appreciated the call saying they’d like another day with the truck because it wasn’t perfect. Thanks.
Mark Silverman
Mark Silverman
Seamless experience throughout the entire process - from first phone call to finished product. The final result is beautiful. I'm bringing them my second car for the same treatment (PPF and Ceramic coating).
Tim & Julie Brouse
Tim & Julie Brouse
Had CoaterZ install PPF and window tint on 2018 MX-5. I reviewed their service and pricing as 5 star. At their request I went back for a PPF review and they corrected some things, that I hadn’t really noticed. Thinking so highly of their team and service I had them install backup camera that I supplied. I am very pleased with the outcome and pricing. This guy HIGHLY recommends CoaterZ!
Marc Aniol
Marc Aniol
What a great experience to have my Bronco wrapped! The staff was very helpful and attentive all the way through the design process and beyond. The attention to detail by the crew was top notch!!! I am sure it is not an easy vehicle to wrap, and it turned out amazing. I have had vehicles wrapped before and this has been my best experience yet! I would use Coaterz again, and I would recommend this shop to all my friends!!!
Jennifer GIBBS
Jennifer GIBBS
CoaterZ saved my truck. They were able to remove the art work a small child did to my paint job with a rock. It looks amazing now! Thank you so much! Very professional and they did what they said they would do with no extra surprises or extra time needed. I wouldn’t waste time getting other quotes. Just let them handle it for you!!!
Cheryl Colletti Collins
Cheryl Colletti Collins
Thank you for your services! Great job!!
andres rodriguez
andres rodriguez
Excellent service! Great prices! Highly recommend for an affordable but quality tint service. Will definitely be a returning customer.
G Allan
G Allan
Husband and wife team. CoaterZ! They are the best! Great service and customer care. Reasonably priced and speedy. I plan on using their services in the future, like ceramic coating and detailing. They also do wraps. Thanks CoaterZ!

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