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Yes! We Ceramic Coat & PPF Motorcycles! 2022 Suzuki SV 650 Project 1032

2022 Suzuki SV 650 Project 1032

Just as every other project this process is started with a decontamination detail. Paint protection film requires a completely clear surface to be able to adhere. In this case for this Suzuki the PPF was custom cut to fit the gas tank and the rear fender. Then followed by a ceramic coating protecting all over the other surfaces of the bike.

Paint Protection Film

Paint protection film provides protection from rock chips, minor scratches, swirl marks, harmful effects of chemicals, bird droppings, bug debris, road grime, uv rays, and paint fade. The application process includes soapy water and a squeegee. We start by misting the area with soapy water. Then tacking down a small piece of the film first and stretching the rest of the film to fit the area. The rest of the process includes pushing out all the water with the squeegee whilst simultaneously adhering the film to the wanted area, in this case the gas tank and rear fender. At CoaterZ one of our main goals is to reduce the amount of seams in the PPF not only because of customer requests but for quality as well. The less seams the less the customer needs to worry about dirt or debris getting caught in them. That’s why we take our PPF beyond the pre made templates and custom cut to fit most of our PPF wraps.

Once the PPF has baked onto the paint in the sun to set, the ceramics team will get started. The owner of this bike wanted the Feynlab Ceramic Ultra, our 5 year ceramic coating, to protect not only the rest of the bike but also provide extra protection on top of the PPF. The actual process of applying the coating is done with a microfiber sponge, applying the coating in long, straight strokes covering all surfaces. Then followed by circular scrubbing motions with a microfiber towel to completely adhere to the paint. After letting it sit for a bit the bike was ready for pick up.

Benefits of Ceramics

The 5 Year Ultra is the most durable non self healing coating we offer. It is scratch resistant, hydrophobic, uv resistant, chemical resistant, easily maintainable, and heat proof. These benefits also make it extremely easy to maintain, road grime or bugs can easily be wiped away with a soft microfiber towel leaving behind a showroom gloss look. If you weren’t looking for that shiny gloss don’t worry this Suzuki wanted to keep that satin look which is totally possible with the coating. Instead of that shiny gloss when the ceramics were applied to the satin PPF instead it just made it “glow” or “radiate.” Ceramics has nano technology made to permanently bond with paint, lacquer, chrome and metal. So this bike will be completely protected for many years to come. Thus ceramic coating is made to last 5 years but if you wanted to make it last longer we do offer a service here annually to recoat over the ceramics adding to the lifetime of your ceramics.

At CoaterZ we take care of any warranty paper work before you are handed back the keys. All of our products are backed with a manufacturer warranty and also added to your CarFax report to make re-sale/trade-ins an even easier process.

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