What Is Paint Protection Film and Do You Need It?

What Is Paint Protection Film and Do You Need It? - CoaterZ

Do you want to keep your car looking new longer? You may want to consider paint protection film, read this guide for more about what it is and its benefits.

Keeping your car looking brand new can be difficult when there are so many things that can damage your car’s paint. Rather than regularly waxing your car, there are better ways to keep the paint looking shiny and new. Paint protection film can prevent scratches and offers more protection for your vehicle’s paint. 

Do you want to learn more about paint protection film and how it can shield against scratches on your vehicle? Keep reading this article to see if you need paint protection film for your car. 

What Is Paint Protection Film?

What is paint protection film? It is a way to protect the paint on your car from scratches, UV rays, and even pieces of road debris. The paint protection film is made from polymer or polyurethane film. Essentially, these pieces of film are bonded to your car to protect it from damage. 

When this practice first started, most places only put this film on the front bumper of your car. This is also known as clear bra paint protection film. However, as this practice has become more common, it is more useful to attach the film to all body panels of your car. 

Top Benefits

There are many huge benefits that come from using paint protection film. First, it prevents almost any type of damage. Not only will it prevent nicks and scratches on your car, but it will also prevent stains and damage that come from driving on the road each day. 

While paint protection film costs can vary, it is very durable. This means that you will have many years of protection and will be satisfied with the coverage of your vehicle. 

Finally, paint protection film can maintain the value of your car and even add to the value! If you ever plan to resell your car, you will likely make back some of the money you spent on your paint protection. Plus, your car will be much easier to sell without unsightly scratches or damage to the paint. 

Paint Protection Film Cost

When you are looking for ways to maintain your car, you may want to find ways to save a bit of money. If you want to apply the paint protection film by yourself, you will have to invest in the materials and the tools necessary to do a professional-quality job. 

If you want a professional company to apply the paint protection film for you, the cost will vary depending on many factors. First, how much of the car do you want to cover with the film? 

Next, how big is your car? The bigger your vehicle, the more material and time it will take to complete the process. 

For clear bra paint protection, you can expect to pay about $1,300. For full car coverage, it can cost several thousand dollars. However, the cost is worth it if you do not have to pay an auto body shop to repair scratches, chips, and other damage to your paint. 

Paint Protection Film vs Ceramic Coating

Many people want to know how they can choose between paint protection film and ceramic coating. There are a few key differences that can help you decide which option is best for your car. 

First, the paint protection film is thicker than ceramic coating. This means it can protect your car from more force, including rock chips and watermarks. 

Another huge difference between these types of paint protection is that paint protection film has self-healing properties. This means that even if your film is scratched or indented by debris, it will be able to return to its original form on its own.

Lastly, the method of installation differs between these two options. The paint protection film is a clear film that is attached to a car using a heat gun. On the other hand, ceramic coating is applied in liquid form and will solidify into a protective layer. 

Both options offer great protection for your car. To learn more about the benefits of ceramic coating and paint protection film, contact your local auto body shop. 

Is Paint Protection Film Worth it? 

The decision to get paint protection film is completely up to you. While it can be an expensive investment, understanding the benefits of the process can make it much easier to decide whether or not it is worth it. 

If you are worried about the paint on your vehicle, doing a bit of preventative work with paint protection film can save you a lot of stress while you are on the road. 

Plus, if you ever sell your car, the paint protection film can add thousands of dollars of value. It can also save you thousands of dollars in damage to your car by protecting the paint. 

Do you want to keep your car safe and in pristine condition? In this case, it is always best to cover it with paint protection film.

Find Paint Protection Film Near Me Today

When you have a beautiful new car, you will do anything to keep it in good condition! One of the easiest ways to do this is by using paint protection film that offers resistance to stains and can prevent road damage.

If you want paint protection, it is best to find a professional company to help with paint protection. 

If you are looking for paint protection in Palm Harbor, CoaterZ can help! We offer anything from clear bra paint protection film to full car coverage. Contact our team today to learn more about our services or to get a free estimate for your vehicle. 

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