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What Is Ceramic Coating For Your Car?

What Is Ceramic Coating For Your Car? - CoaterZ

What is ceramic coating for your car and why is it a great choice? Learn more about what ceramic coating is and how it works.

Are you looking for the best way to protect your car and keep the paintwork looking like new?

Maybe you wax and seal your car every couple of months but wax doesn’t protect it from surface scratches, UV oxidation, extreme heat, airborne contaminants, and many other factors that wreak havoc with your paintwork.

A ceramic car coating can protect your car from all of the above and more. But what is ceramic coating? And how does it work? Read on for a complete guide to everything you need to know.

What Is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating is a silica-based liquid polymer that you apply to the surface of your car to protect it.

It is an alternative to wax and is a permanent to semi-permanent solution so you do not have to apply it every couple of months. It is completely clear so the original color of your car can shine through. A chemical reaction bonds it to the car’s original paint to provide a glossy, protective finish, acting as a shield against dirt, scratches, water, oil, and many other damaging environmental contaminants.

Ceramic coating is made of silicon dioxide which is derived from quartz or sand. Some professional-grade coatings also add titanium dioxide to the paint to enhance the hardness and durability.

Ceramic coating is usually applied in multiple layers to provide a thick protective shield. The base layers are usually composed of a primer, base coat, and clear coat. The topmost layer then creates the shiny, glossy, candy-shell appearance that is so desired.

Why Get a Ceramic Coating? 

Nobody likes to see the paint on their car fade after only a few months of buying the vehicle. You can wax your car all you like, but wax simply creates a thin layer on top of the paint surface so has limited protective capabilities.

A ceramic spray coating is a lot more durable. It can protect your car against UV rays, environmental chemicals, extreme heat, and extreme weather conditions.

All these factors oxidize and wear away at the quality of your paint job over time. For example, air pollution contains chemical contaminants which are acidic. The acidic contaminants can become etched and stain the surface of your car. A polymer layer will prevent these chemicals from settling and bonding with the paint on your car.

Ceramic coatings also have hydrophobic qualities which means they repel liquids. This is created by the polymer layer and means that your car will naturally repel water, grime, and water-based dirt.

Cleaning and maintenance will become a breeze as the ceramic coating naturally repels dirt, bird droppings, stains, and oil. You will love the way that dirt just slides off while you wash your car. You will no longer need to wash your car as frequently or spend as much time maintaining your car.

Wax wears off after two months and needs to be re-applied after rain or snow. Ceramic coating has long-lasting results and does not wear off, even in extreme weather conditions. The clear coat also builds more depth and enhances the reflective qualities of your car, making it appear glossier.

A ceramic coating protects the appearance of your car so you can enjoy it for longer. Preserving the paintwork preserves the resale value of your car so a ceramic coating may end up paying for itself.

How Long Does a Ceramic Coating Last?

A ceramic coating can last from 1-5 years depending on a number of factors. These factors include the quality of the coating and the skill in which it is applied, how often you use your car and what conditions you drive it in, and whether it is protected in a garage or exposed to adverse weather conditions.

On average, you can expect your ceramic coating to last 2-3 years.

Types of Ceramic Coating

There are two main types of ceramic coating that are commonly used. Below is a description of each type.

Industrial-Grade Ceramic Coating

These are the highest quality professional coatings and are applied by certified professionals with access to industrial equipment. Before adding the coating, your car’s surface will be prepped. For example, if your car has scratches, the mechanic will pre-process these. The entire application process is very labor-intensive and can take up to five days.

DIY Ceramic Coating

These are cheaper than professional coatings and you can buy your own DIY kits from your local shop to apply the coating yourself. The durability and hardness of the coating depend on hardness grade so it is advisable that you purchase a solution with a rating of 9H for longer-lasting results.

However automotive experts never recommend a do-it-yourself approach to ceramic coatings as it can be easy to get it wrong. The coating is not like wax in that it can be wiped off. It bonds to the surface of your car so any mistake can damage the exterior of your car, and lead to expensive costs to fix it.

Get a Free Estimate for Your Car

What is ceramic coating? It is a liquid polymer solution that you apply to your car to form a durable and protective layer over its entire exterior.

A ceramic coating allows you to preserve your car’s paint so that it’s as glossy as the day you drive it off the lot. This saves you paint correction costs and allows you to enjoy the appearance of your car for years to come without worrying about the paint fading.

If you’d like to find out more about the best ceramic coating for your car, CoaterZ provides a no-obligation free estimate based on your unique specifications, so get in touch today!

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