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The Incredible Benefits of Car Window Tinting in Palm Harbor

The Incredible Benefits of Car Window Tinting in Palm Harbor - CoaterZ

Are you thinking about getting car window tinting in Palm Harbor? Here are the amazing benefits of auto window tinting to help you make your decision.

While you may want to have a clean, pristine car, this doesn’t mean you should have clear windows. Dark windows are something you want to consider adding.

Did you know over 2,000 cars are stolen each and every day? Believe it or not, car thefts are more likely to occur in cars without tinting. This is because it allows robbers to see what you have in your car that is valuable to them.

Are you thinking about getting shades for your windows? Getting window tinting in Palm Harbor is great for many reasons aside from security. Keep reading to learn more benefits.

1. Tinting Will Reduce UV Rays

If you live in a hot state like Florida, tinting can save your life from the deadening heat that can transfer to the windows. Some people may believe they’re safe from the sun because they’re inside the car, but this isn’t true.

Direct UV rays carry adverse health risks. It increases the risk of photosensitization, skin cancer, and other skin conditions.

The sun affects your eyes too and may cause complications such as cataracts and macular degeneration. Interesting, right?

This is not what you want, especially if you drive often. Tinting will shunt exposure to harsh sunlight.

2. Tinting Saves Your Interior

The sun can also affect the color of the upholstery in your car. It is the primary reason a cars’ interior becomes noticeably dull over time. This can make your vehicle look older than it really is.

When your car’s interior fades, this can also reduce the value of your car if you wish to trade it in or sell it later. The sun has the worst effects on cars with leather or vinyl interiors. You will notice your material begin to crack or warp.

The same also goes for the outside of your car. Fading and chipping can occur. Seek paint protection film “near me” to save the trouble of having to replace your interior. It’s more valuable to tint your car

3. Tinting Increases Window Durability

Car crashes occur every day. About 20-50 million Americans suffer non-fatal injuries following an accident.

More often than not these injuries are due to the glass of the car shattering. Standard car windows are more prone to shattering into pieces upon impact.

Tinting your windows can protect them from breaking as easily and reduce the risk of fatal and non-fatal injuries in the aftermath of an accident. Tinted windows pride an extra layer around the glass.

There is also a lesser risk of being ejected out of the windows which can happen in rear car accidents. While the window may break, there’s a lower likelihood it’ll shatter.

4. Tinting Provided Enhances Privacy

Driving on the road exposes you to the eyes of many. Getting car window tinting will offer all occupants in the car better privacy. You may feel the most conscious when you are parked somewhere or at a stoplight.

During this time, other drivers are more likely to glance in your direction. These minor interactions may not bother everyone. However, there are many people who find these short experiences to be uncomfortable.

You can maintain your privacy better when you tint your windows and keep the peering eyes away. In the event other drivers take a look in your direction, it will be a lot harder for them to see.

5. Tinting Adds to Comfort and Safe Driving

Another good thing about car window tinting is the added comfort and safer driving experience. You’re more likely to love the looks of your car with tinting.

Window tinting will keep your vehicle cooler. It’s a great insulator when you have the air conditioning on.

You may not need to use your A/C as often as before. This will result in better car mileage. Tinting will prevent your car and seatbelt from getting hot too when you park it outside in the sun.

Once you enter the car and drive, you also will not have to worry about the sun beaming in your face. Many drivers can agree that any degree of the sun to their eyes is annoying. You find that you have to play around with the visor just to keep the sun away from you.

This doesn’t always work, especially when you have to change directions. Car visits have limited movement and there will be times you will have no choice, but to deal with the glaring.

This is dangerous. Glaring from the sun reduces your view when driving. This makes reading traffic signs hard. Drivers may run lights that are red and collide with oncoming vehicles or pedestrians.

Even momentarily using one of your hands to adjust the visor in the car due to the sun is a distraction. Drivers may swerve out of their proper lane or miss something they would normally see.

6. Tinting Lowers Chances of Car Theft

While thefts do occur depending on the type of car you have, plenty also occurs due to what you have inside. If you leave any valuables in your car, wandering eyes will see it and attempt to break in to get it.

Tint windows make it so it’s harder for a person to see what belongings you have in your vehicle. If someone ever decides to take something out of your car, tint windows offer a second layer of protection.

It may be harder for a burglar to break into tinted windows. While tinted windows will offer better safety, never neglect basic safety measures.

Get Quality Car Window Tinting in Palm Harbor

Purchasing a car is an investment. Getting a car serviced to maintain it is good, but your job doesn’t stop there. You should also invest in other options to add to the value, looks, and safety of your care such as getting it tinted.

Some people want to tint their car, yet are deterred from doing it because of the concern on price. Window tinting in Palm Harbor has you covered.

Contact CoaterZ in Palm Harbor at 727-935-4621. We can offer you free estimates and offer quality window tinting service at a fair price.

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