Tesla Window Tinting

At CoaterZ, we know how important window tinting is for your Tesla. Solar heat and the sun’s UV rays make the vehicle’s air conditioner run harder, resulting in your Tesla‘s battery draining faster. 

Investing in high-quality window tinting to block up to 98% of solar heat allows you to drive further in your Tesla. Contact CoaterZ today to learn more about our window tinting options.

Professional Window Tinting Technicians

CoaterZ is the premier choice for Tesla window tinting in the Palm Harbor area. We use our years of experience to select window film based on your vehicle’s needs. 

Whether you’re looking for a Tesla Model 3 roof tint, or Tesla window tinting for heat rejection or to improve the look of your Tesla, our highly trained window tint installers will create custom-cut window films that perfectly fit your Tesla‘s windows. 

The Benefits of Tinting Your Tesla's Windows

In addition to blocking the heat of the sun, there are a variety of other reasons you should tint your Tesla’s windows. They include:

  • Protect your vehicle’s interior from fading and becoming brittle
  • Reduce the sunlight’s flare
  • Keep a shattered window in place
  • Cooler interior
  • Provide yourself and passengers with health benefits from not being exposed to harmful UV rays
  • Additional privacy 
  • Prevent battery drain
  • Use less A/C
  • Increase your mileage per charge 
Enhance the appearance and style of your Tesla

Your Tesla will stand out with a customized, high-quality window tint. You can choose from a large selection of light to dark shades to match your vehicle and your own personal style. Not only will you benefit from having a cooler-looking Tesla, but you’ll experience all of the health and safety benefits that come from a custom window tint. 

Trust in Window Tinting Professionals for Your Tesla

Poorly installed tint can result in windows having a bubbly look. That won’t happen at CoaterZ. Our technicians are trained in special techniques required for Tesla windows. 

Our three-step process will have you and your Tesla in and out in no time. 

Step One: Contact CoaterZ for a free estimate 

Step Two: Bring your Tesla to our Palm Harbor location and enjoy easy, professional, and fast window tint installation

Step Three: Drive your Tesla throughout Florida with confidence, knowing that your skin, vehicle, and belongings are protected