Tesla Model Y Performance Inozotek Full Wrap Papaya Orange

Tesla Model Y Performance Inozotek Full Wrap Papaya Orange - CoaterZ

This ‘Unique Y’ wanted to take it to the next level at the car meets and went with a full wrap by Inozotek. No detail was left unturned for a complete transformation from electric blue to a fire orange.

Prep Work

Before every project, the first and most important step is detailing the vehicle. At CoaterZ, our team follows the two bucket method. The two-bucket method is as simple as it sounds. One bucket holds the soap and the other has only water. CoaterZ is a certified installer of Feynlab products, so each detailing product is from Feynlab. As for soap, our team uses Feynlab Pure Rinseless Wash. After the car receives the first wash, the next step is to deionize. Deionization is a physical process that uses specially manufactured ion exchange resins to remove mineral ions. A clay bar picks up any remaining contaminates from the surface of the vehicle, providing a smooth surface to apply the wrap to. Once it is completely dry, our team then places it in the PPF/Wrap Bay to begin the dissembly.

Disassembly + Wrap

Immediately, the team got to work completely disconfiguring the car. In order to wrap every crevice, the doors, handles, seals, jams, windows, interior, emblems, and wheels were carefully removed. Then, after the removal and organization of all the parts, our wrapper, Melanie, began wrapping the door jams. Once that was finished, the next step was to paint the hinges that same orange color. Since the doors are now off, wrapping those completely was the next step. In order to wrap the outside, the doors needed to be put back on and this process was repeated on the other side. The main goal for our wrapper is to eliminate every blue detail seen and unseen.

Wrapping the hood was the second big step. This process begins with measuring the hood to cut the wrap to the right size. All hands on deck are necessary to stretch and place the wrap onto the hood. Since this wrap is an air release wrap, all bubbles are pushed out with squeegees until it lays perfectly onto the hood. That was the easy part. The next step is rather tedious; the underside of the hood. Robby was the wrapper in charge of this part of the project. He removed the hood and began wrapping it. While that was in play, the rest of the team was removing the frunk, lights, and the front and back bumper. The bumpers were the next part of the wrap process. Once everything was completely wrapped and put back together, the back end/trunk was the following step. After being taken apart just like everything else, each jam was wrapped and put back together.

Now that all the interior pieces are wrapped, the last part of this project was to finish the rest of the exterior and put the car pieces all back together. Aside from the wrap, there were other projects for this Tesla. The wheels. The rotors, calipers, and inserts all needed to be painted to match the wrap. Just like the hinges, this was done to match the Papaya Orange theme.

And that’s it. Once the paint was dry, the wheels were placed back together onto the car and the “Unique Y” was truly unique. After about a month of labor, this Tesla was immediately ready for show time. The owner had a meet to be at that very weekend and he did indeed show up and show out.

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