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Range Rover HSE Black to Blue Transformation

Range Rover HSE Black to Blue Transformation - CoaterZ

CoaterZ Team Wraps

For the last week, this Range Rover has been at the shop being wrapped panel by panel in the Inozetek Midnight Metallic Blue film. The owners were looking for something that stood out and this did the trick flawlessly.

To begin, the car must be thoroughly detailed/clayed to ensure no debris is left on the surface. If anything is left behind, the wrap will not sit correctly on the paint and cause bubbling.

This wrap specifically has no stretch to it, making it harder to apply. The only products used along with this wrap were heat-guns, squeegees, and a lot of hands.

This vehicle did not have many grooves, so the application was pretty straight forward. One panel at a time, we applied a piece of film to cover the surface. From there, we began tacking down the film and squeegeeing it, making sure it laid onto the surface completely. Once the wrap was applied, the next step was to cut away any excess film and tuck away the edges to create a clean edge. We repeated this process until the entirety of the car was completely wrapped.

After we finish a wrap, we have the team inspect it and point out any imperfections. From there, we begin tackling any leftover errors. This typically includes tacking down finicky edges or pushing out any bubbles.

Once we’ve finished the wrap, we have our detailers come in and clean up any mess leftover on the vehicle. Wiping away pesky fingerprints and just making sure the vehicle is in tip-top shape before being returned.

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