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The Do’s & Don’ts of Maintaining Marine Ceramic Coating

Maintaining Marine Ceramics - CoaterZ

After your watercraft has been ceramic coated the most important step to ensure longevity is maintenance. Since we use Feynlab Ceramics we recommend products that are compatible with every coating. All of the products we recommend are sold at our location.

The first product we recommend is for routine maintenance washes. The Feynlab Marine Wash is ideal for maintenance of Feynlab Marine Ceramic Coatings because nothing is left behind on the surface. A quick wash after every use would be the best way to take care of the ceramic coating. Marine Wash is the natural choice to deeply clean surfaces, maintaining the optimal sheeting and self-cleaning characteristics of any coated vessel.


  • Add 1oz of MARINE WASH per 2 gallons of water to your wash bucket.
  • Remove any loose debris on the surface by spraying free flowing water.
  • OPTIONAL: If using a foam cannon, add 1 oz per 16oz into foam cannon
  • OPTIONAL: Using the foam cannon soap the entire side of the vessel or if smaller vessel the entire craft and allow it to dwell 3-5 minutes depending on temperatures and sun exposure.
  • Using a High-quality wash mitt or Folded Microfiber towel wipe down all areas staying away from electronics.
  • Thoroughly rinse the entire vessel staying away from electronics.
  • Dry using a high quality microfiber towel.

After your coating we recommend to schedule an annual recoat of ceramics a year in advance to maintain your coating. After a ceramic booster wash we will apply an additional 1 year coating on top of the previous one to maintain optimal sheeting and self cleaning technology of the ceramics.

Maintenance after a ceramic coating is pretty straightforward. We don’t recommend any other products other than what is compatible with Feynlab. Luckily there is only one product you truly need and we can do anything else for you here at CoaterZ!

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