Mach E Wrap

Mach E getting a color change wrap to purple - CoaterZ

Back again with another wrap this week at CoaterZ! Our team turned this Mach-E Mustang from a boring stock gray paint job into a beautiful and truly unique midnight purple.

As always at CoaterZ we start big projects like this off with a decontamination detail, making sure to get every particle removed so the vinyl will be able to stick to the paint. Using the clay bar is a major step before jobs like this. After being washed and thouroughly dried we begin the disassembly. Pieces like the headlights, tail lights, and mirrors are removed and organized with all the matching screws and clips. This allows our wrappers to get into every crevice with wrap and create that clean look we want to give our customers.

This wrap is an air-release wrap so no water and soap is used to apply it, just pressure. The team worked diligently on this project to get the wrap completed with the highest quality. Unlike our latest wrap, the UniqueY, this Mach-E also went ahead and took their project a step further with a Full front End PPF and a Ceramic Lite coating.

Once the wrap was completed we started on the PPF application and followed with the ceramics application to ensure the protection of this wrap. As many of us know, wraps are not made to last long periods of time and are often seen as temporary mods but we still wanted to protect this brand new car from damage with our protective products.

Ultimately this Mach-E came out absolutely stunning. It is always such a blast to see how much modifications like this really upgrade the car the the next level. Can’t wait to do the next wrap! -CoaterZ Team