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Maybe. Maybe not.
It all depends on what you want.

Do you have a valuable vehicle or boat that you prize highly? Something you spent a lot of money on to purchase and then to maintain? A car or truck or motorcycle or watercraft that provides you with a significant sense of pride? If so, then CoaterZ may well be right for you.

On the other hand, maybe your ride is less valuable than that, but you still want to protect it. Just what you get for your money isn’t all that important; getting your ride coated for the best possible price is more what you’re looking for.

If this second category sounds more like you, then you might be better off at another shop.

To be frank, our ceramic coatings cost more than at many other shops.

Here’s why:


Our coatings are made and supplied by Feynlab, and they are the very best ceramic coatings available. We could use any ceramics and most of our customers would probably not know the difference. But Feynlab products are the best you can buy. They protect better and shine better. Feynlab is always doing research and
improving their ceramic materials, so you (and we) can be sure that the ceramics we apply to your ride are cutting edge.


Our people are factory-trained. We expect a lot from them,
and we pay them well. Some shops hire minimum-wage people, and their idea of training is to simply hand them a buffer. You won’t find that at CoaterZ.


It’s possible to simply do a quick buff of a vehicle’s paint and then slap on some ceramics, and there are shops that do that. We insist on a painstaking and time-consuming multi-step process:

First, we wash and de-bug the surface to remove impurities from the paint.
Then we do the paint correction step, removing all the nearly-invisible scratches and swirl marks (even new cars have plenty of those).

Next step is Feynlab Primer, which helps the ceramics bond to the paint.

Now the actual ceramics are carefully applied.

But we’re still not done – the final step is the application of a top coat of ceramics for more shine and added protection.
It’s a long and demanding process. But it is what our customers expect of us. If it is what YOU expect of us, then CoaterZ is for you.

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