Getting Your Car Ready For Ceramic Coating

Getting Your Car Ready For Ceramic Coating - CoaterZ

To get the amazing benefits of ceramic coating, it is vital to have done enough prep work. Here, we will show you four main steps to getting your car ready for ceramic coating.

Preparation is key! In almost every project, the secret lies in the preparation. Even in a game of chess, the most prepared player has the upper hand. So, whenever the thought of ceramic coating comes across, focus on prep work first. Ceramic coating installers will recommend professional help, but at times you might opt to do it yourself, and that’s completely fine. As you get your car ready for ceramic coating, there are several steps to follow, including being familiar with the different ceramic coating options.

Ceramic coatings come with a lot of upsides. You’ll get an enhanced look, better protection from debris, UV rays, and paint. So to get the amazing benefits of ceramic coating, it is vital to ensure you have done enough prep work. In this blog, we will show you four main steps to getting your car ready for ceramic coating.


The first step is to thoroughly wash your vehicle. Use wax-free and gloss-free products in the two-bucket method where one bucket has soapy water and the other clean water. The essence of cleaning your car is to remove any particles that might get into contact with the sealant. Also, make sure you don’t scrub so hard you remove the car’s paint. To avoid this, use a neutral pH and wax-free solution. Finally, make sure the washing process is done under a shade and not exposed to direct sunlight. The soap will stick to your paint and you don’t want this in your prep work.


As you clean, it is important to remove particles that may remain after the first step of washing. Make sure to decontaminate such particles as if not well-taken care of, they will stay underneath the ceramic coating and cause damage in the future. This process is called claying and you can get a bunch of iron removers online for this purpose.

Paint Correction

Even if your car is brand new, you might still need to do some polishing for paint correction. Most DIYers fear this part and consider the pros. Well, it is not an easy one but you can still do a pristine paint correction job with patience.

Panel Wipe

In the final stages of preparing your vehicle, panel wiping removes those chemicals, oils, and other solutions left on the surface of the car. It is a simple process and all you need to do is spray on a microfiber cloth and wipe clean. Then “buff” off with a dry, lint-free microfiber cloth for the final step. Now your car is ready for ceramic coating! Of course, four steps might seem too easy and it might be a little too much of a hassle for you- there are still other professional alternatives.

You Can Still Let Pros Do It

Ceramic coating provides the most durable form of paint and surface protection for your vehicle. The application process might seem intimidating but it requires some level of finesse and patience. So if you never feel that’s a lot of work and you also want to ensure it gets done properly, you can call your local ceramic coating professional to handle everything.

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