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Feynlab Ceramic 5 Year Ultra Applied to ’22 Audi RSQ8

Feynlab Ceramic 5 Year Ultra Applied to '22 Audi RSQ8 - CoaterZ

In this post you will learn about what steps we take in order to obtain exemplary protection for your vehicles.

This 2022 Audi RS Q8 came to us looking to protect their paint. Before we begin any protective work the most important step is preparatory detailing. Our decontamination wash is the key to creating a blank canvas to work with. For ceramic coatings or paint protection film even the smallest dirt particle can ruin an entire project. Our decontamination wash includes decontamination spray, Feynlab Pure Wash bath, and a full clay bar treatment then is parked safely inside our temperature controlled work bays awaiting the next step.

Before the Coating

One of the most important and time consuming step to ceramic coating is paint correction. Paint correction is a process that removes scratches and swirls from the surface of your car’s paint. Once the entire car has been corrected we apply the panel prep to ensure a proper bond between the treatable surface and the coating. The next step would be the Ceramic Primer. The primer provides a solid foundation over soft and difficult paint systems to form a ready-to-be-coated base layer. Applied with a foam pad on a DA polisher the ceramic primer creates an overall thicker film build on the paint.

The Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Ultra forms a lattice structure of silica, silicon-nitride and silicon-carbide. The flexible, but durable coating, exhibits great scratch resistance, gloss, and magnificent hydrophobicity. While also providing UV protection and chemical resistance, protecting the paint from fading. At CoaterZ we apply the coating with a microfiber sponge, one panel at a time, to allow  the formula to further penetrate into the existing paint structure. Then we wipe to residue off each panel throughly, leaving behind unparalleled level of protection.

The Ceramic Ultra also comes with a five-year warranty and is added into your car fax immediately.

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