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EVM Intro! Elevating Your Tesla Mods w/ Tampa Bay Pickup & Pro Install or Shipped

The automotive industry has witnessed a remarkable shift towards electric vehicles (EVs) in recent years, and with this surge in popularity, the demand for customization and personalization options has also grown. CoaterZ, a renowned automotive customization company, has recognized this trend and is set to launch a new division called EVM (Electric Vehicle ModZ). EVM will specialize in providing a wide range of Tesla parts and accessories, offering professional installation services for enhancing EV performance and aesthetics. From air suspension to advanced sound systems, EVM aims to cater to the growing needs of EV owners seeking to make their vehicles truly unique.

Professional Installation Services

EVM will not only stock a wide range of Tesla parts and accessories but will also provide professional installation services. This ensures that customers can have peace of mind knowing that their modifications and upgrades are carried out by trained technicians with extensive knowledge of EV systems. EVM’s team of experts will handle installations ranging from air suspension and aero packages to lowering springs, wheels, power frunks, and trunks. They will also offer installation services for swivel screens, sound systems, and bass-boosted setups, allowing customers to create a truly immersive driving experience.

Air Suspension and Lowering Springs

Air suspension systems have become increasingly popular in the automotive aftermarket, and EVM will offer these systems for Tesla vehicles. With air suspension, EV owners can enjoy adjustable ride heights, improved handling, and a smoother driving experience. Additionally, EVM will provide lowering springs for those looking to enhance the sporty appearance and lower the center of gravity of their Tesla vehicles, resulting in improved stability and cornering performance.

Aero Packages and Custom Wheels

To further enhance the aerodynamics and visual appeal of Tesla electric vehicles, EVM will offer a variety of aero packages. These packages typically include front splitters, side skirts, rear diffusers, and spoilers, which not only improve the vehicle’s aerodynamic efficiency but also give it a more aggressive and stylish look. In addition, EVM will stock a wide range of custom wheels, allowing customers to choose from various designs, sizes, and finishes to suit their preferences and complement their vehicle’s overall aesthetic.

Power Frunks, Trunks, and Swivel Screens

EVM understands that convenience and technology are vital aspects of modern electric vehicles. As part of its offerings, EVM will provide power frunks (front trunks) and trunks, which allow for easier access to storage space while adding a touch of luxury to the vehicle. Furthermore, EVM will cater to tech-savvy customers by offering swivel screens, enabling Tesla owners to enjoy seamless entertainment and information access while on the move.

Advanced Sound Systems and Bass Boosted Setups

For audiophiles and music enthusiasts, EVM will offer a range of advanced sound systems specifically designed for Tesla vehicles. These sound systems will deliver high-quality audio experiences, allowing occupants to immerse themselves in crystal-clear sound reproduction. Moreover, EVM will also cater to those seeking deep bass and impactful audio with their bass-boosted setups, ensuring an enhanced audio experience during every drive.

Tesla Meets Florida: Elevating the Tesla Experience

Tesla Meets Florida is widely recognized for throwing some of the most exceptional Tesla parties in the entire USA. By joining forces with Tesla Meets Florida, EVM gains access to an extensive network of Tesla enthusiasts, creating opportunities to showcase their specialized Tesla parts and accessories. This partnership not only brings exposure and recognition to EVM but also offers a platform for Tesla owners to explore and experience EVM’s high-quality products firsthand. The collaboration with Tesla Meets Florida fosters a vibrant community, providing a hub for Tesla owners to come together, share their passion, and discover the latest advancements in Tesla customization.

@3D4EV Partnership

EVM has forged a strategic partnership with @3D4EV as well. These partnerships bring unique benefits and further enhance EVM’s offerings, combining the expertise of Tesla Meets Florida’s renowned events and @3D4Tesla’s innovative 3D printing capabilities.


With the launch of EVM, CoaterZ is positioning itself as a leader in electric vehicle customization, specifically focused on Tesla vehicles. Through its partnership with Tesla and the availability of genuine parts and accessories, EVM offers EV owners a reliable and high-quality solution for upgrading and personalizing their vehicles. From air suspension to aero packages, lowering springs, wheels, power frunks, trunks, swivel screens, sound systems, and bass-boosted setups, EVM aims to meet the diverse needs of Tesla enthusiasts, enhancing both the performance and aesthetics of their electric vehicles.

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