PPF Application Mistakes to Avoid

PPF Application Mistakes to Avoid

Applying Paint Protection Film (PPF) on a car is like giving it a strong protective suit to guard against daily wear and tear. But, to apply it correctly, you need to know about the challenges that can come up. Let’s understand what PPF is and some PPF application mistakes to avoid.

PPF for Electric Vehicles: Special Considerations

PPF for electric vehicles

Electric vehicles (EVs) have emerged as a sustainable and efficient alternative to traditional internal combustion engine vehicles. With the surging popularity of EVs, there has been a corresponding increase in the demand for holistic maintenance and protection solutions.

The Truth About Self-healing PPF: Myth Or Marvel

CoaterZ Self Healing PPF on Mustang

When people think about paint protection alternatives, they are likely to take a look at both ceramic coatings and paint protection film (PPF). Both offer high-quality components, both can protect a car or truck’s painted finish, but they are quite different in concept and approach.

3 Types Of Paint Protection Film Finishes

Paint Protection Film on a race car

If you’re thinking about having your car or truck wrapped with Paint Protection Film (PPF), chances are you’ve already done research into just what PPF is and how it can benefit your vehicle’s finish.

Beyond Clear: Exploring Matte And Glossy PPF Finish Options

Range Rover Over Spray Removal and Paint Correction by CoaterZ

Let’s assume that, at this point, you’ve already decided you want to protect your car or truck with Paint Protection Film (PPF). That’s a great decision – if you have a vehicle that you value, PPF is a very smart choice to protect that vehicle’s finish from road hazards, chemicals, bird droppings and the like.

Paint Problems On New Vehicles

Paint Problems On New Vehicles

Congratulations! That brand-new car or truck you ordered has finally come in, and it looks like a million dollars. The paint is so shiny and bright!

Can You Repair Paint Protection Film?

Unveiling the Truth: Can Paint Protection Film Be Repaired?

People often wonder if PPF can be fixed if it gets damaged. This guide will explain PPF in simple terms and answer the question: Can you repair paint protection film?

Best Car Wash to Protect Paint

Best Car Wash to Protect Paint

Thought about washing your car? Two options: do it yourself or go to a car washing service. If you don’t have time or supplies, professionals are easiest.

Do New Cars Need Paint Protection?

Hybrid GOLD Paint Protection Package

Paint protection is a common consideration when buying a new car.  But keeping that new car in showroom condition is difficult, particularly in the harsh Florida climate.