8 Most Common Questions About Vehicle Wraps

8 Most Common Questions About Vehicle Wraps

When we talk about putting custom wraps on vehicles, many questions come up. Even before the first vehicle gets wrapped, there are lots of things people want to know. We’ve made a list of the top 8 common questions about vehicle wraps.  We did this to help you by giving clear answers. Our goal is to make the process easier for you and get you ready for when your wrap is installed.

1. Do I have to wash my vehicle before the wrap installation?

Yes. Vehicles must be free of dust, mud, wax, oil, protective-type products, and other agents that may prevent the vinyl from adhering to the vehicle surface during the installation of wraps and graphics. The vehicle surface temperature must be at least 60 degrees Fahrenheit. If the vehicle is not cleaned before wrap installation drop-off, a fee may be charged.

Please keep in mind, that we highly recommend NOT pressure washing the vehicle after installation of the vinyl wrap. Some pressure washers can potentially lift the vinyl because of improper use of the water pressure. The vehicle wrap is an investment in your marketing and advertising strategy and thus it should be protected. Check out these tips to keep your vehicle wraps looking brand new.

2. How do you remove vehicle wraps?

Don’t underestimate how to remove a wrap from a vehicle. We do not recommend uninstalling the vehicle wrap yourself, as this could cause damage to the factory paint job. Instead, talk to us about their removal process. We can assure you that when we remove the wrap, it will not cause damage to your vehicle’s paint as long as the paint is in good condition.

3. Can you wrap a vehicle with paint scratches, dents, or rust?

Wrapping a vehicle that already has flaws is not recommended as a line of action in this situation. The method by which the vinyl film is applied causes it to conform to any imperfections already present on the vehicle. As a consequence of this, the film does not have the same level of durability as other films.  

4. Who manufactures your car wraps?

We at Coaterz recommend the best car wrap that we have available. We will provide you with the best product that is renowned for its quality.

5. How long do vehicle wraps last?

The life expectancy of car wraps depends on the quality of the car wrap materials used, the experience of the installer, and whether or not the vehicle is properly treated before to installation. This, of course, is contingent upon the vehicle being properly prepared before the installation. 

6. How long does it take to install a vehicle wrap?

Installing vehicle wraps and graphics should span at least three days. This timeframe allows for meticulous car preparation, precise graphic installation, and thorough adhesion testing. Adhering to this schedule ensures the optimal quality and durability of the wraps, guaranteeing a long-lasting and visually appealing result for the vehicle’s branding or advertising needs.

7. How much does a vehicle wrap cost?

The cost associated with the act of wrapping a car may exhibit a substantial degree of variation, which can be attributed to the extent of the vehicle that will be encompassed by the wrapping material. Our company possesses the capability to produce a wide range of products, spanning from simple vinyl writing to all-encompassing wraps that completely envelop vehicles. In addition, our team of skilled professionals is adept at aiding in the conceptualization and realization of graphics that are tailored to accommodate any budgetary limitations.

8. Where is the vehicle wrap installed?

Vehicle wraps are typically installed in specialized detailing shops equipped with controlled environments suitable for precise application. These shops have the necessary tools, expertise, and cleanliness to ensure proper adhesion and finish. Professional installers meticulously apply wraps to vehicles, ensuring a seamless and durable result.

Are you ready to kickstart your car advertising journey or elevate your car’s appearance? Call us today to request a quote!

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