2022 Tesla Model 3 Stealth PPF Wrap

2022 Tesla Model 3 Stealth PPF Wrap - CoaterZ

We love ourselves a good transformation here at CoaterZ. That’s why we were more than happy to transform this tesla. During this article we’ll be explaining some behind the scenes of this glossy to matte transformation.

How We Prep Your Car

We start this project out like any other project, with a Decontamination Wash. For PPF this is key. Absolutely every spec of debris needs to be off the car so that it does not get stuck in the PPF. Our Decontamination Wash includes an iron decontamination spray, a Feynlab Pure Rinseless Bath, and lastly a clay bar to remove any leftover contaminates on the car. Then we will pull the car into one of our temperature controlled bay areas to begin our work.

Getting Started on PPF

After cutting the film in our program we start applying the film one piece at a time. To make the film stick/slip we use a combination of water and watered down soap. Once it is lined up onto the car we begin tacking down the film with a squeegee until it is completely adhered onto the paint. The matte PPF is much more difficult to stretch compared to glossy PPF so these steps took a bit longer than the average PPF application.

After the PPF

To take the protection to the next level we went ahead and ceramic coated over the PPF with the Feynlab PPF & Vinyl ceramic coating. This coating is specifically designed to protect the porous surface of vinyl or PPF. It was engineered for water spot protection, the high surface tension (hydrophobic properties) of PPF & Vinyl helps keep surfaces cleaner for longer. After we wipe down and spray each panel with panel prep we will begin the application of the ceramics on top of the PPF. Using a microfiber sponge we apply ceramics to each panel, let it sit to swell, and then wipe any excess.
The last step to this project was window film. We use Llumar Films for both window tint and paint protection film. As you will see pictured this car received all around IRX Heat-Rejecting window tint and the front windshield has our special AIR80 film. 
We have so many more posts about the benefits to each product we have mentioned above so feel free to check those out to learn more!


-coaterz team

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