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Benefits Of Car Detailing and Why You Should Leave It to the Pros

Benefits of car detailing - CoaterZ

Detailing your car comes with some great benefits and may seem like an easy DIY, but this one is better left to the professionals. Read on to learn why.

If you are a recent auto owner or have been an owner for a long time, chances are car detailing is a mystery to you. What exactly are the benefits car detailing mean? And, why is it so expensive?

The procedure requires great technical skills and specialized equipment and supplies. But, luckily, it all adds up to priceless benefits for your car.

Unlike car wash, whose focus is only on the surface-level appearance of your car, car detailing is a service that extends your car value and lifespan. The service is not limited to either interior or exterior. Rather, it focuses on any aspect beyond a standard cleaning.

Keep reading to learn the benefits of car detailing and why you should leave it to professionals.

Protect the Paintwork

Once your car gets cleaned and polished, it receives a level of clear coat protection. Carnauba-based wax is the best solution for car detailing because it can last up to three months.

Another similar option to the wax is paint sealant which will last between 6 to 12 months. The sealant fills in most flaws with new silicones.

But, ceramic coating is the best option for a car owner because it can last for two years. The coat forms a thick sacrificial layer over the clear coat protecting it from environmental elements.

Condition and Extend the Life of Your Car Interior

The process also extends and conditions the vehicle’s interior as with the exterior. The procedure involves removing pet hair and water stains for vehicles with fabric seat materials.

With leather upholstery, making sure it is clean and conditioned well is like applying lotion to your skin. It helps protect by preventing cracking and other future damages.

Degreasers and enzyme cleaners are the products we use to remove stains and other materials from the fabrics.

Correct Scratches and Swirls

They usually get in the way of the shine of a perfect clear coat. Improper use of buffers and express car washes are the main causes of these imperfections. As a car owner, they can be frustrating.

But, professional car detailing can make this a worry of the past. Professionals can remove the problematic areas. We use paint polish and orbital polisher to make it perfect.

The procedure restores the initial glossy look to the factory standard.

Keep the Underbody in Perfect Condition

We, at times, forget to wash our backs since we cannot see them. The same case applies when you forget to take good care of the vehicle’s underbody.

The underbody is under many serious threats that can damage it. The most dangerous one is the salt and sand that we use to de-ice the road throughout winter.

Car detailing is important because it will prevent the threats from corroding the car underbody.

No More Allergies

Due to daily use, the amount of grime, dirt, and dust accumulation in your car is massive. Dust can accumulate in various crevices and cracks without your knowledge.

They are the main reasons your loved ones’ allergies are acting up. A professional car detailing helps to clean up the dirt hence preventing allergies.

Removing Car Damaging Contaminants

Once your car is clean and hand-dried using a microfiber towel, it’s important to end surface contaminants on the paint—substances such as tar and sap.

They cling on the paint’s clear coat layer, and it begins to damage. If not treated, it exposes the colored basecoat to the elements.

We use a clay bar to remove such contaminants restoring the clear coat feel to an ideal smoothness. Other solvents are also an alternative to cleaning the car exterior, depending on the substance.

For instance, a low pH solution is perfect for removing mineral residuals from a hard water sprinkler.

Increase Car Value

When you drive the automobile off the dealership shop, its value drops. The depreciation ranges between 15-20% and can be greater in certain car brands.

But, regular car detailing services will halt some of the bleeding keeping your vehicle’s value high. You will make money back once you sell it or trade it after a few years.

Attention to Detail

Car detailing is an expensive, long, and meticulous process. But, with a professional detailer, the process is worth every single dollar.

Professionals can access the necessary products, equipment, and tools for the job. Every phase of the procedure receives extreme care and skill.

One of the reasons the procedure is so costly is because it takes several days rather than hours. Thus, every part of the car receives the needed attention.

Enhance the Car Performance

Car detailing is more than enhancing the vehicle’s appearance. It also consists of cleaning the engine. Your car runs smoothly and at lower temperatures once we wash off dirt and dust.

Engine cleaning is among the car detailing benefits. Ordinary car washes cannot clean the engine into such details.

Your vehicle will have the greatest protection, appearance, style, and quality enhancements.

Consider Having a Professional Car Detailing Today

The process makes your car more appealing and increases its value if you plan to resell it. We recommend you have a professional car detailing every 4-6 months.

The more frequent you have your car detailed, the better you will maintain its lifespan and resell value.

At CoaterZ, we dedicate ourselves to protecting and enhancing your car’s appearance. We are your one-stop-shop for any auto restoration and customization needs.

Our technicians use the latest techniques and tools to deliver a quality car detailing service.

Contact us now to get a professional car detailing service.

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