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FEYNLAB® PURE WASH is an impressive deep cleaning car wash soap! IDEAL for the Preparation & Maintenance of Ceramic Coatings because NOTHING is left behind on the surface.

Engineered with great foaming and contamination encapsulation technology, PURE WASH’S true power lies within Feynlab’s Intelligent Cleaning Technology which mechanically latches onto contamination particles for ease of removal while also chemically breaking them down. PURE WASH is a perfect preparation step for regular vehicle maintenance washes, or the application of ceramic nano coatings.

PURE WASH is the natural choice to deeply clean surfaces, maintaining the optimal sheeting and self-cleaning characteristics of any coated vehicle (all brands). Most car shampoos leave behind considerable polymers which interfere with a coating’s true water behavior.

When used as Step 1, within the FEYLNAB Optimal Bonding System for Coatings, PURE WASH functions as a true deep cleanser. The nano particles penetrate below the surface removing deep embedded contaminants from the surface with much greater effectiveness than traditional car shampoos. This is step 1 in promoting more effective bonding and performance of ceramic nano coatings.


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