60″ Clear Paint Protection Film

Discover the ultimate shield for your vehicle’s paint with our 60″ Clear Paint Protection Film. Engineered to safeguard against road debris, scratches, and environmental damage, this transparent film offers premium protection while preserving your car’s glossy finish. Easy to apply and virtually invisible, ensuring your vehicle stays pristine for years.


60″ Clear Paint Protection Film

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Incredible Stain Resistance

Coaterz®: Where Unbeatable Protection Meets Stain Resistance. This cutting-edge film not only offers a formidable defense for your vehicle’s paint but also shields it from environmental staining.

  • When you choose Coaterz®, you’re choosing an uncompromising quality and peace of mind.
  • Experience self-healing technology
  • Hydrophobic properties 
  • Benefit from a 10-year warranty
  • Enjoy an -ultra-smooth, high-gloss top layer
  • Embrace scratch, impact, and stone chip resistance

Elevate your vehicle’s protection to the next level with Coaterz®.

Our cutting-edge Coaterz® protective film is a game-changer, combining a new, crystal-clear top layer with a time-tested aliphatic polyurethane resin. It’s the ultimate choice for safeguarding any surface, and its unparalleled stain resistance makes it a must-have for owners of white cars.

Coaterz® has earned its place as an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) favorite, adorning vehicles in factories across the globe. But the benefits of this optimal protection extend far beyond just cars. Whether you drive a daily commuter, a rugged truck, a sleek motorcycle, or even a luxurious boat, Coaterz® is the go-to solution for providing a high-quality, invisible protective layer to vehicles of all kinds worldwide.


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