5-year Ceramic Coating

Discover Coaterz’s 1-Year Ceramic Coating, a revolutionary high-gloss ceramic shield inspired by nature’s Lotus Effect. Mimicking the self-cleaning prowess of lotus leaves, this coating boasts ultra-hydrophobic properties that repel water and encapsulate dirt, maintaining your vehicle’s pristine appearance for up to a year.


5-year Ceramic Coating

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High gloss ceramic coating that provides 5 years of paint protection!


Coaterz 5-year Ceramic Coating offers a unique solution for car protection. Its Biphasal technology integrates two essential components – a basecoat and a topcoat – into one product. The basecoat provides a thicker layer of protection and enhances the depth of color, while the topcoat utilizes the latest Overcoat V3 technology to create a hydrophobic and easy-to-clean surface.

We have taken the extra step to protect the unique technology behind 5-year ceramic coating with filing a robust patent. We believe this product will set a new standard in car protection, providing a long-lasting and effective solution for car owners.


When it comes to car protection, the Coaterz 5-year Ceramic Coating stands out as a unique and innovative solution. This is thanks to its Biphasal Technology, which expertly integrates two critical components – a basecoat and a topcoat – into one cohesive product. This method allows for a thicker and more robust layer of protection, enhancing the depth and richness of your car’s color, while also creating a hydrophobic surface that is easy to clean and maintain.

Success lies in its ability to combine the protective power of two of Coaterz’s most popular products – an improved basecoat compared to the  version 1 and the chemical protection, slickness, and extreme hydrophobic properties of Coaterz’s 5-year Ceramic Coating . By bringing these two protective coatings together in one single layer of application, the Ceramic Ultra V2 delivers a high-performing protective coating that is unmatched in its effectiveness.


The 5-year Ceramic Coating provides long-lasting protection that can withstand the harsh elements of everyday driving, ensuring that your car looks and feels great for years to come. With its unique Biphasal technology, the Ceramic Ultra V2 creates a deep and lustrous shine that is sure to turn heads, while also delivering the kind of robust protection that drivers need to keep their vehicles in top condition. What this means for you and your car is a level of protection that is second to none.


Coaterz 5-year Ceramic Coating provides a superior level of shine and slickness that is unmatched in the industry, while also delivering self-cleaning benefits. The integrated topcoat technology in Ultra V2 creates a hydrophobic layer that repels water and other harmful elements, keeping your vehicle looking cleaner for longer periods of time.

Applying Coaterz 5-year Ceramic Coating enhances the coating’s extreme hydrophobicity, high gloss, and self-cleaning properties even further. This results in a car that is not only ultra-glossy and slick, but even easier to clean and maintain. Dirt and grime won’t stick to the surface as much, making cleaning a breeze. So, you can enjoy a cleaner and shinier looking car for extended periods, while also experiencing the ultimate in ceramic coating technology. Say goodbye to tedious cleaning routines and hello to a vehicle that looks and feels like new!


  • The Biphasal Technology in Ultra V2 is a unique and innovative approach to ceramic coating application that has never been seen before in the market. Coaterz has chosen to protect its intellectual property by patenting the technology to offer our customers and installers a unique, proprietary solution that cannot be found elsewhere.
  • Coaterz 5-year Ceramic Coating offers an innovative solution that enhances the protective properties of our previous Ceramic Ultra’s thick basecoat with additional chemical protection, a slick feel, and extreme hydrophobicity of Overcoat V3. This cutting-edge technology is made possible through our unique biphasal chemistry, which amplifies and combines all desirable characteristics into a single, powerful formula.
  • The strong basecoat in Ultra V2 offers exceptional protection and enhanced depth of color , while the topcoat creates a hydrophobic barrier that effectively wards off harmful elements.
  • Ultra V2 delivers superior shine, slickness, and self-cleaning benefits with its integrated topcoat technology. The hydrophobic layer repels water and harmful elements, keeping your vehicle spot-free. Applying Coaterz 5-year Ceramic Coating on top of Ultra V2 enhances the coating’s properties even further, resulting in an ultra-glossy, slick, and easier-to-clean car. Enjoy a shinier car for longer periods with the ultimate Ultra V2 technology.


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