1-year Ceramic Coating

Discover Coaterz’s 1-Year Ceramic Coating, a revolutionary high-gloss ceramic shield inspired by nature’s Lotus Effect. Mimicking the self-cleaning prowess of lotus leaves, this coating boasts ultra-hydrophobic properties that repel water and encapsulate dirt, maintaining your vehicle’s pristine appearance for up to a year.


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1-year Ceramic Coating

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High gloss ceramic coating that provides 1 years of paint protection!


In nature, you may have heard of the Lotus Effect. The lotus effect refers to self-cleaning properties that are a result of ultra-hydrophobicity as exhibited by the leaves of Nelumbo, the lotus flower. Dirt particles are picked up by water droplets due to the micro and nanoscopic architecture on the surface, which minimizes the droplet’s adhesion to that surface. Sound familiar?

When applied to the paint of a vehicle, these hydrophobics perform just as they do in nature, with the water beads encapsulating dirt, helping to remove it as it rolls off the surface. This, in turn, keeps that surface cleaner for longer, with its “self-cleaning” effect, and makes maintenance easier.

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Coaterz’s 1-year Ceramic Coating has one of the highest water contact angles in the industry, making it super-hydrophobic, which helps to protect your car from the contaminants commonly found in water. This property provides your car paint with a permanent layer of protection by forming a chemical bond with it, which causes it to repel not only water, but other elements such as oils, fallout, dirt, mud, road grime, and other build-ups from daily use of the vehicle. This makes your car surface much easier to clean and maintain, as these elements are not able to bond to the surface through the coating. You also get that super cool water beading effect, which is a plus!

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If washing your vehicle every time it gets nasty dirt and grime sticking to the surface hurts your arms and wears you out, then 1-year Ceramic Coating is a product that will help you out! It will save you time, arm and back pain, AND money! This DIY ceramic coating has such a high-water contact angle that spraying the surface with water will cause the dirt to be encapsulated and rolled off the surface! (If maintained properly and as instructed) Did we mention the satisfaction you get from watching the dirt just roll off the paint?


  • Coaterz’s 1-year Ceramic Coating is the most economical and simple to apply DIY ceramic coating .
  • The performance allows installers to offer this service to customers at a price that is extremely competitive with other coating brand price points while equaling or surpassing those other brands in terms of performance
  • Simple installation, with a friendly wipe on / wipe off application.
  • A hydrophobic surface, easily outperforming all traditional waxes and sealants and even most professional grade ceramic coatings from competitors.
  • Surface versatility –this product can be used to protect most vehicle exterior surfaces. Check the approved surfaces below.
  • Provides a coated vehicle with an impressive combination of ultra-slickness, durability, gloss, and hydrophobic properties.
  • Coaterz’s® true nano technology and bonding chemistry allows for an unparalleled level of protection since the formula penetrates further into the existing paint structure than anything else available.


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