We are the #1 LLumar Paint Protection Film installer in Tampa Bay

Paint protection film professionally installed by CoaterZ means your vehicle will be protected from rock chips, road debris, paint scrapes and scratches for up to 10 years.

Guaranteed to stop rocks from ruining your paint.

Don’t let tight parking spots cause you anxiety or stress. Protect your doors from other’s carelessness.

There is nothing worse than coming out of the store to see a shopping cart pushed up against your car. Eliminate that worry with Paint Protection Film from Coaterz.

Ever bump up against a yellow pole in a parking lot, or even another car’s bumper? If it should happen again, don’t worry! Just scrub the mark off your car’s Paint Protection Film, and know that the paint beneath has been protected!

Unsightly scratches and swirl marks are a thing of the past. Just park your car in the sun for a while and those little imperfections will disappear!

It’s important to avoid re-painting your car’s body panels if at all possible. Re-painted panels may not exactly match your car’s original paint, and they may not wear evenly with original paint over time. With Paint Protection Film, you can often avoid minor damage and the resulting need for re-painting.

Coverage options

Full coverage

Track package

Full front end

Partial front end


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