The FEYNLAB HYDRO Marine System is designed to combat the harsh conditions of saltwater, fresh water and seafaring watercraft.

Compatible with both painted and gel-coat finishes, the HYDRO system stops oxidation in its tracks. When applied to surfaces, HYDRO’S smart nano particles offer intense UV protection through ultra-efficient UV ray scattering. 

By stopping and preventing oxidation and UV damage to gel coat and painted surfaces, HYDRO prevents the unsightly and damaging yellowy, chalky, and powdery surface effects caused by sun and sea exposure.

The HYDRO System creates hydrophobic surfaces, causing water and contamination to quickly release. This drastically speeds up rinse-downs after use, making general cleaning super-fast and easy. (Assuming the watercraft is dry docked and not sitting in water for prolonged periods, where anti-fouling agents would be required below the waterline)

The hydrophobic properties of HYDRO help decrease water drag when applied below the water line. Application to propellers may aid in reduced fuel consumption.

HYDRO is not an anti-fouling agent. It should only be used above the waterline for watercraft spending long periods of time in the water.

HYDRO’s effect on surfaces similar to Ceramic: Exceptionally glossy, crisp, and vibrant. However, its functional protection is engineered specifically for the extreme demands of the sea.

HYDRO MARINE COATING SYSTEM is designated only for professional use by FEYNLAB™ certified and accredited installers. The Marine System requires training for installation.


Being out on the water is one of the great joys of life. Living in Florida, we are lucky to be so close to the beautiful ocean. Unfortunately maintenance and cleaning your boat isn’t as fun as enjoying those sunny days out on the water. When it comes to detailing and protecting your boat , we are experts here at CoaterZ. Let our experienced expert team take care of all your boat detailing and ceramic coating needs. We use coating which has been specifically designed to protect the exterior of your vessel. Algae, barnacles, saltwater and fishing debris can attach to the exterior of your boat if you leave it docked in the water. Adding a layer of coating to your boat will provide a layer of protection that will reduce maintenance time and costs greatly, make washing your boat a breeze. Come see us and leave your boat detailing to our experts. 

CoaterZ uses FEYNLAB HYDRO Marine System to add a layer of ceramic coating to your boat to keep it protected from the hazardous elements in the water that can destroy your boat’s paint. It also adds a sleek shiny finish that will help maintain your paint’s lifespan. FEYNLAB HYDRO Marine System is hands down the best way to keep your boat or yacht protected from the harsh elements the water throws your way. When it comes to boat detailing, no one does it better than our staff at CoaterZ. Whether you own a yacht, a fishing boat, a jet ski, or another marine vessel, CoaterZ is your solution for protecting and maintaining your boat for the longer years to come. . Let our expert staff take care of all your boat detailing and ceramic coating needs so you can enjoy your time out on the water like you’re supposed to.


Ceramic coatings for boats are designed to protect these land and marine vessels from external damage to keep them in pristine condition for many years. These ceramic coatings are typically made from silica or silicon dioxide for a nano-based liquid that hardens into a nearly impermeable shell. In addition, this coating is completely clear, preserving the exact color of your vehicle for years. 

  • Hydrophobic Finish Repels Water and Other Liquids
  • Protects Paint from Barnacles, Algae, Bird Dropping, Fishing debris and Salt Water
  • Extends the Longevity of Your Paint
  • Easier to Clean: Dirt, Debris and Grime are Easily Removed
  • Shiny, Glossy Finish


Protect Your Boat, Yacht, and Your Passengers from the Harsh Effects of the Florida Sun

At CoaterZ, we provide window tinting on all types of glass on boats, no matter how big or small your vessel, boat, or yacht may be. Marine window tinting comes in varying degrees of darkness to suit your privacy or comfort needs. Window tinting your boat, yacht or watercraft blocks harmful UV rays, protects the upholstery and valuables inside your boat and creates privacy for you and your passengers. The window film we apply has a durable scratch-resistant coating and will not interfere with any electronic devices while you are enjoying a day or evening out on the water. Marine window tinting can improve your boat or yacht’s style, comfort, privacy and safety.

Increase Your Marine Vessels Energy Efficiency

The less you spend on marine vessel’s heating, ventilation and air-conditioning, the more you save. Marine window tinting stabilizes your boat’s climate and also improves passenger comfort. Installation of these window films diminishes solar penetration that contributes to excessive heat gain in the boat or yacht.