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Transform Your Vehicle with Custom Wraps in Lutz

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Lutz is a thriving community where personal expression and style are highly valued. At Coaterz, we understand that your vehicle is more than just a mode of transportation—it’s an extension of your personality and a reflection of your taste. Our custom wraps in Lutz offer a unique way to transform the appearance of your vehicle while providing an extra layer of protection against the elements. Whether you’re looking to advertise your business, showcase your personality, or simply give your car a fresh new look, our expert team is here to deliver stunning results.

Custom wraps are not only about enhancing aesthetics but also about providing practical benefits. The intense Florida sun can cause significant damage to your vehicle’s paint over time. Our custom wraps act as a protective shield, preserving the original paintwork from harmful UV rays, scratches, and minor abrasions. Additionally, wraps offer a cost-effective and reversible way to change your vehicle’s look, giving you the flexibility to update your style or branding as often as you like.

Choosing Coaterz for your custom wrap needs in Lutz means opting for quality and professionalism. Our skilled technicians use only the highest quality materials and state-of-the-art techniques to ensure a flawless finish. From the initial design consultation to the meticulous application process, we are committed to exceeding your expectations. Transform your vehicle with our custom wraps and experience the difference that quality and expertise can make.

Why Choose Custom Wraps?

Custom wraps provide numerous benefits that make them an excellent choice for vehicle enhancement:

  1. Versatility: With endless design options, custom wraps allow you to create a completely unique look for your vehicle.
  2. Protection: Wraps protect your vehicle’s original paint from UV rays, scratches, and minor abrasions.
  3. Cost-Effective: Custom wraps are often more affordable than a full paint job and can be easily removed or changed.
  4. Durability: High-quality wraps can last for several years with proper maintenance, offering long-lasting aesthetics and protection.

Our Custom Wrap Packages Available

  • Full Vehicle Wrap: Transform the entire look of your vehicle with a full wrap. Choose from a wide range of colors, finishes, and designs to make your car truly stand out.

  • Partial Wraps: Ideal for those looking to customize specific parts of their vehicle, such as the hood, roof, or doors. Partial wraps offer a cost-effective way to add unique touches to your vehicle.

  • Commercial Wraps: Perfect for businesses looking to advertise on the go. Our commercial wraps turn your vehicle into a mobile billboard, increasing brand visibility and recognition.

  • Color Change Wraps: Give your vehicle a fresh new look without the permanence of a paint job. Choose from an extensive palette of colors and finishes, including matte, gloss, satin, and metallic.

  • Custom Graphics: Create bespoke designs to showcase your personal style or brand. Our team works closely with you to bring your vision to life with high-quality custom graphics.


Our Custom Wrap Process

  • Initial Consultation: We start with a detailed discussion to understand your design preferences and specific requirements. This allows us to recommend the most suitable wrap options for your vehicle.

  • Design and Mock-Up: Our designers create a digital mock-up of your custom wrap, giving you a preview of the final result. Adjustments can be made to ensure it perfectly matches your vision.

  • Preparation: The vehicle undergoes thorough cleaning and surface preparation to ensure the wrap adheres properly and lasts longer.

  • Application: Our skilled technicians apply the custom wrap with precision, ensuring a flawless finish and seamless integration with your vehicle’s contours.

  • Inspection and Final Touches: After application, we conduct a thorough inspection to ensure the wrap is free of bubbles, creases, or imperfections. We also provide care instructions to help maintain the wrap’s appearance and longevity.

Why Choose CoaterZ

When you bring your vehicle to Coaterz, you can expect a seamless and professional experience. From the initial consultation to the final inspection, our team handles everything with the utmost care and attention to detail. The entire process typically takes a few days, depending on the complexity of the design and the condition of your vehicle. Upon completion, we conduct a detailed final inspection to ensure the highest quality of application. You will then receive your vehicle back along with care instructions to maintain the wrap’s effectiveness and longevity.

Ready to transform your vehicle with custom wraps in Lutz? Contact Coaterz today to schedule an appointment or to learn more about our services. Call us at (813) 467-8149 or visit us at 16235 N Florida Ave, Lutz, FL 33549. Our friendly team is here to assist you with all your custom wrap needs.


With proper care, high-quality custom wraps can last between 5 to 7 years, depending on the type of wrap and environmental conditions.

No, a professionally installed custom wrap can protect your vehicle’s paint from UV rays, scratches, and minor abrasions. It is designed to be removable without damaging the original paint.

Hand washing with mild soap and water is recommended. Avoid pressure washing and harsh chemicals to maintain the wrap’s appearance and longevity.

Yes, partial wraps are available for specific areas like the hood, roof, doors, or mirrors, allowing for customization without a full wrap.

The process typically takes a few days, depending on the complexity of the design and the condition of your vehicle.

Yes, custom wraps are designed to be removable, allowing you to revert to the original paint or apply a new wrap when desired.

We offer various types of wraps, including full vehicle wraps, partial wraps, commercial wraps, color change wraps, and custom graphics to meet different needs and preferences.