Best Auto Window
Tinting Palm Harbor

Add style, comfort, and protection. Reduce heat and block harmful UV rays while enhancing the look of your vehicle


Look forward to more style, comfort, and durability on the road.

CoaterZ offers Llumar high performance automotive window films, which are available in a wide range of shades to suit your needs and budget. There are clear and tinted options. Whether you want a new look and prefer a darker tint, or you need to stay within legal tinting limits, or simply want UV protection, we have a film for you.

Whichever you choose, the potential benefits of tinting your car include comfort, fuel economy, security, and style. 

Our auto window films can reduce interior surface temperatures by up to 30 degrees Fº

Keeping your car cool with automotive window films creates a more comfortable environment for children and pets. If a more comfortable ride is not enough, you may find yourself using less air conditioning, which leads to fuel efficiency.

Automotive tints can protect you, your passengers, and your car interior from UV rays

  • Block more than 99% of the sun’s dangerous UV rays.
  • Help protect against UV-caused skin damage.
  • Help reduce glare and eye-strain from sunlight.
  • Protect interior materials, which can tear and crack over time.

Enhance the style of your vehicle and increase privacy with window tinting

  • Choose from an exclusive range of films in a variety of shades from light to dark.
  • Available in a soft charcoal color that matches factory privacy glass.
  • Increase privacy for passengers and valuables.

Industry leading quality

  • Proudly made in the USA products.
  • Guaranteed color stability.
  • A strong scratch resistant coating.



Automotive window tint with a 100% lifetime product guarantee

At CoaterZ, automotive film is more than just tint. It’s an upgrade for auto glass with benefits beyond anything factory delivered. Explore shades ranging from limo dark to nearly clear, combined with premium features to improve your car both inside and out.

Engineered to deliver a higher standard of performance, our best-in-class auto films, which include LLumar auto tints, are known for their quality, color stability, and durable scratch-resistant coating. Benefits of window tinting include heat, UV, and glare rejection. Our non-metallized ceramic window tints maximize these benefits without interfering with your keyless entry, radar detector, mobile phone, and other radio frequency technology you rely on in your vehicle.

We stand behind our products with a lifetime limited manufacturer’s warranty*.

*Certain restrictions apply; see us for warranty details

Block Dangerous UV Rays

Window tint blocks UV rays to help reduce your risk of skin cancer

Did you know drivers in the U.S. have a higher rate of skin cancer on their left side due to exposure while driving? 

Here’s a scientific fact most people find hard believing: While it’s rare to get sunburned through your car windows, harmful ultraviolet (UVA) rays that contribute to premature aging and skin cancer can still reach you.

Damage from UVA rays is cumulative as they penetrate deep into the skin and can silently accelerate the aging process, cause wrinkles, and even skin cancer. In fact, research shows that drivers in the U.S. have a higher rate of skin cancer on their left side due to exposure while driving.

Our premium window tints block more than 99 percent of harmful UV rays. It’s why The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends window tint as part of a comprehensive skin care program.

Why let excessive heat and glare ruin your ride?

Make your road trips more comfortable by adding window tint to your car, truck, or SUV.

It’s no secret the sun’s rays can cause car interiors to become unbearably hot. But you can keep your cool. During the hot summer months, there seems to be no escape from the blazing heat of the sun — even in your car. You start off running the air conditioning at a low setting and before you know it, you’re at full blast. And blinding glare from the sun can be a dangerous distraction, too.

Window tint can change all that — putting you back in control for a cooler, more comfortable ride. By blocking more than 99% of harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, our premium brand window tints protect passengers from skin damage and the interior of your vehicle from fading and cracking.

On the road, window tint reduces blinding glare and painful eye strain.

You can choose from a variety of shades, light to dark, that provides privacy for you, your passengers as well as your belongings. No matter what make or model of your car, whether it be a SUV, truck, or Tesla Model 3, you can ride safer, cooler and in greater comfort by adding window tint installed by CoaterZ in Palm Harbor, Florida. Window tint is recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation as part of a comprehensive skin care program.

Enhance your vehicle's Style and Appearance

Do you want your car to stand out from the crowd? Sure you do! Whether you want your ride to look elegant or scorching hot,  window tint can help make it happen. In fact, when you have our window tint professionally installed,  you not only get the look you want but the privacy you seek from the outside world.

Customize your ride with window tint so it’s as cool as you are.

Adding window film to your car is a great way to add style as well as protection.

You can choose from a wide variety of shades (light to dark), which includes ceramic tint, that maximizes heat and ultraviolet rejection. You will benefit from a cooler car, and your vehicle’s interior will be protected from the damaging effects of the sun.

  • Soft charcoal color matches factory privacy glass.
  • Privacy for passengers and belongings.

 With our exclusive range of window tints, you can choose a particular look for your car. Plus, you can rely on high performance and maximum UV protection.

  • Keeps vehicle cooler and more comfortable.
  • Provides more than 99% Ultraviolet (UV) protection.
  • Helps protect upholstery from fading and cracking.

 We know how important your car is to you. You want it to look the best it can be for years to come – and it will with our high performance car window tint.