CoaterZ of Palm Harbor is the #1 LLumar paint
protection film installer in Tampa Bay

Have you been thinking, where can I find automobile wraps near me? Let CoaterZ of Palm Harbor protect your bumper, hood, headlights, fenders, mirrors, rocker panels or your entire vehicle with our 10-year warranted paint protection film (PPF). CoaterZ of Palm Harbor can help no matter what you are thinking about -- clear bra, car paint protection or car paint protection film, or even full car wraps. CoaterZ of Palm Harbor uses only the best Llumar paint protection film installed by our factory-trained technicians. If you want the cheapest automotive paint protection, call anyone. If you want the best car paint protection film, call CoaterZ of Palm Harbor.

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Is "car paint protection film" on your mind? If so, CoaterZ of Palm Harbor has the answer -- car paint protection film, installed by CoaterZ factory-trained technicians. If UV protection for car paint is something you have been thinking about, you may already understand the significant benefits of PPF for your vehicle's painted surfaces. See why customers in the Palm Harbor area love and trust CoaterZ of Palm Harbor for their car ceramic coating, auto ceramic coating, window tinting, paint protection film, car wraps and detailing. Is ceramic coating worth it? Is paint protection film worth it? You bet it is!! Remember, CoaterZ is located in Palm Harbor.

  • Rock chips
    Guaranteed to stop rocks from ruining your paint.
  • Door dings
    Don’t let tight parking spots cause you anxiety or stress.
  • Paint transfer​
    Guaranteed to stop rocks from ruining your paint.
  • Self-healing finish​
    Unsightly scratches and swirl marks are a thing of the past.
  • Shopping carts
    Seeing a shopping cart pushed up against your car is the worst.
  • Avoid repainting​
    It’s important to avoid re-painting your car’s body panels if at all possible.

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Full front end

Partial front end

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Paint protection film professionally installed by CoaterZ means your vehicle will be protected from rock chips,

 road debris, paint scrapes and scratches for up to 10 years. Servicing the Palm Harbor area, all of Tampa Bay and beyond.

What is LLumar paint protection film and why should I have it installed on my car by CoaterZ of Palm Harbor?

Paint protection film (PPF), sometimes called “clear bra,” is a crystal-clear, energy-absorbent polyurethane film that safely bonds to your vehicle’s painted surfaces. It protects your car from rock chips, road debris, scuffs and scratches, and all sorts of other attacks on your vehicle’s finish.

CoaterZ’ highly-trained and experienced technicians take their time, prepare the surface, and apply the film carefully. When they are done, all you will be able to see is the brilliance of your vehicle’s original finish shining through.

Located in Palm Harbor, CoaterZ uses LLumar PPF products, the best on the market. If you want something that will make your vehicle’s paint look different and stand out, We use LLumar products that give a matte or stealth look.

Your new PPF application is warranted up to 10 years.

Want to go back to your original factory finish at some point in the future? Or perhaps change to a different look? No problem – the film can be removed without damage to your original paint.

CoaterZ is located in Palm Harbor.


Don’t miss your opportunity to save 25% off a PPF application (or a different CoaterZ car paint protection film package).